Bio-ethanol fuel, sometimes called 'bio fuel', is a sustainable 'green fuel' produced from crops such as sugar cane or maize. It produces a very clean, smokeless form of heat as it doesn't generate any harmful gasses, sparks or soot.

They may sound complicated, but a bio ethanol fireplace is really easy to use.

Just squeeze the bioethanol fuel from our ‘squeezy’ bottles into the burner box supplied with your fireplace.

Using a gas-lighter-style tool or extended taper, light the bioethanol fuel. Within just a few minutes, a lovely natural and cosy flame will appear.

Use the metal closing rod supplied to pull/ push the sliding mechanism over the flame to adjust or extinguish the flame.



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Do bioethanol fireplaces require a chimney?

We often get asked the question ‘Do you need a chimney for a bioethanol fireplace?’ The answer is a definite ‘no’! Fortunately, our biofires do not give off any smoke so you do not need a chimney for the smoke to escape through. This is because biofires run on a type of fuel that burns cleanly and produces only heat, carbon dioxide and vapour in permitted levels. 

Do bioethanol fireplaces need a flue?

Again, the fact that biofires do not produce smoke or a significant amount of emissions means that you do not require a flue. In fact, almost anyone can install one of our bioethanol fireplaces, flue or no flue. It should be noted, however, that allowing a little ventilation to flow through your home is a good idea if you own a fireplace. This is because it will keep the air fresh.